Hardware Village provide a plaform for you to hack.

DC7499 DEF CON group graciously supplies soldering iron stations and a handful of tools and supplies for your hardware hacking pleasure.
Have a need to fuse together some metal to complete a circuit?

We are the place.
We have known limits that we are constrained by, but strive to deliver the most inside those limits.

Our volunteers, and our fellow conference attendees are what makes it all happen.
Come share what there is, and bring something to hack on.

Like all the villages, we are a place to share knowledge.
One big goal is to have you walk away either having learned something yourself, or taught someone else something.
We like to provide some contests and games for noobs to learn with and for experts to show off with.

All project are available on GitHub DC7499
and 0x90

Also well as at DC7499 meetings, stay tuned for more details on Twitter, or on a channel of communication in the Telegram


Our PGP key here